Creative explorations of the mental health issues men are dealing with

Between September and December we will be in the Wheatsheaf gallery with an installation entitled ‘Male Anxiety/Anxious Bodies.’

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The Installation

By depicting various ages of man the installation will show how pollution, consumerism and surveillance are transmitted to people through the media and the processes of socialisation. Despite the widespread nature of these phenomena they are are often dismissed as merely incidental to mental health. State authorities and much recent medical expertise conspire to load the emphasis on the individual for their conditions rather than acknowledging the fundamental role of pollution, consumerism and surveillance. Our aim is to interrogate contemporary common sense to demonstrate how much it hides.

The installation seeks to intensify the experience that lead to bodily anxiety. We will use 70 full size photographs of men in a corridor or maze like structure. Each of these photographs will be treated by pollution, consumerism and surveillance. The audio track will combine the testimony of men in therapy with with the sounds of the modern urban environment.

Watch the promotional films below.

Maskulinity from Vedad Rusidovic and Gareth Palmer on Vimeo.

Maskulinity Exhibition Promo from Vedad Rusidovic and Gareth Palmer on Vimeo.

The Artist

The Artist

Gareth Palmer

Gareth Palmer is a former professor of Media at Salford University. For the past eight years he has been working as a therapist at his firm menshouldtalk.com. In his Manchester office he deals exclusively with men responding to the issues represented at this site.

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